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Your Dark Figure
Your Dark Figure
Type of Artwork Painting
Location The Guertena Art Gallery
True Guertena Exhibit
It's a kitty! Mommy! There's a kitty picture!

— Little girl

Your Dark Figure is one of Guertena's paintings located in the Guertena Art Gallery in the game Ib. It depicts a close-up shot of a black cat's face. The image is set against a pale green background, surrounded by a reddish-brown frame with dark yellow corners.

During the beginning of the game, after Ib examines the Fabricated World painting, the cat in Your Dark Figure can be heard meowing once if Ib passes by it.


The painting is located in the southeast corner of the second floor in the gallery. A woman and her daughter will be in front of the painting, in which the daughter will yell that it's a kitty, and the mom will tell her not to shout.

Visitor QuotesEdit

  • "It's a kitty! Mommy! There's a kitty picture!" - Little girl with orange shirt
    • "Yes, yes, I get it! Be quiet! I told you not to shout!" - Little girl's mother
  • "I'm sorry if my daughter is bothering you." - Girl's mother (to Ib)


H 03
Mary dressed as a black cat with the Your Dark Figure painting (Halloween 2012).
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