Yellow Rose
Yellow Rose invent
Description N/A
Usage Used to fake Mary's existence as a human
Wooow, Ib's rose is reeed! My rose is yellooow! I like yellow, but I also like pink! Oh, and blue!

— Mary

The Yellow Rose is a rose in the game Ib. It was used by Mary to fool Ib and Garry into believing she was human. After knocking Mary unconscious, if Ib interacts with the Yellow Rose (which Mary dropped upon losing consciousness), Garry will note that it looks real, but upon closer inspection, it's fake.

The Yellow Rose is also seen in the gallery in the Sketchbook as a wall mural. It is depicted as being held by a smiling blue doll. This could mean that the doll had a hand in procuring the rose for Mary or be a way of saying that Mary could be a nice and generous friend given the chance.


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