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The Yellow Area is one of the areas of the cursed gallery in the game Ib. As the name implies, the entire flooring of each room in the area is yellow.


Ib will arrive in this area after accomplishing the Green Area. The area starts off with a cat-like wall with a fish hole in the middle. Ib should find the fish key hole to proceed to the next area. If Ib goes to the right hallway, she'll encounter certain statues, as one moves when the light goes out. This statue will chase Ib and harm her upon contact. Ib must lead the statue to a crack in the floor so it trips and shatters. From there, she'll get the Wooden Fish Tail. In another way, if she goes to the left hallway, there she'll play "hide-and-seek" with a stick figure. This is done by pressing a button under one of the curtains in the room and hoping that the stick figure is there and not something else that may or may not harm her. Once you've found him, she'll obtain a Wooden Fish Head, so combining both, Ib will obtain the key to the next area. 

From there, the area will expand. There are several puzzles here on where you can lose petals if you get it wrong. She may proceed to the Red Area through the mouth, located in the east of the save point.


  • After going through the Wooden Fish puzzle, you'll arrive at another part of the area. You'll see a paper lying on the ground. There written, "Just when you've forgotten...". Remember to keep away from the edges.

Paintings and SculpturesEdit

There is a lot of paintings in this area, yet most of them have no name.

List of Paintings seen in this area: