Vase Room
The Vase Room is a two-sided room in the Gray Area in the game Ib. The rooms are named for their vase tables, one on either side.

Either side of the room is locked by a password. The code to the left room is 6295, while the code to the right room is 14; however, only the left room is required to enter. Ib must move the vase table near the top-left side (as seen in the photo on the right), which will open the door to the Mirror Room.

If Garry kicks the mannequin head, a mannequin head will be hung above the vase in the right room. A warning will appear about one of the visitors damaging a display. A message reading "Hanged Garry" will be behind the poster. Also, the healing vase will become poisoned. The left room will be blocked by a mannequin head as well.

There is also a book titled Wonderful Days in the right room.


Left room:

  • Movable vase table
  • Stool and vase painting

Right room:

  • Wonderful Days book
  • Healing vase
    • Poison vase with a mannequin hung above it
  • Poster warning not to damage any displays

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