Tree Key
Tree Key
Description A surprisingly light key in the shape of a tree.
Usage Unlocks the door to the library (Brown Area)

The Tree Key is an item found in the Brown Area in the game Ib. If it is inserted into the Lone Keyhole painting, it will open the library for Garry down below.

The key is found in the mannequin head room of the Brown Area - the second floor of the Gas Room where Garry is. It is on a table in the lower-right, next to a mannequin head. Ib can collect it and take it to a room on the lower-left of the Brown Area, where the Lone Keyhole painting hangs on the wall. When she inserts the key, the library will open in the Violet Area for Garry. Until it's open, it will be locked and be represented by a green sprout, but when it's open, the sprout will be a round green sphere (a tree).

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