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Toy Box Entrance

Entrance to the Toy Box.

The Toy Box is an area of the Sketchbook in the game Ib. The first room is filled with mannequin heads, headless statues, and blue dolls.

Upon recovering from the fall, Ib will realize that she doesn't have her rose and that Garry isn't with her.


Depending on the route of the endings that the player has taken, the player may or may not see red rose petals scattered over the ground. If there are petals present, Ib could either look for Garry first, after which he will insist on looking for her rose, or Ib could look for her rose first, which would be lying on the ground near the top left of the Toybox. The rose will have one petal left due to the damage Ib took from the fall. If Ib finds Garry after retrieving her rose, Garry will not show concern for her absent rose, as he could see that it would be safe in her possession. Afterwards, Ib can find the Pink Key under the pink cat doodle. Upon picking up the key, the tolls of a bell, similar to the ones on the Doll Room, can be heard, which cues all the enemies in area to come alive and chase after Ib.

If there are no petals present, it means that Mary has taken possession of Ib's rose, given to her by a blue doll. After Ib finds Garry, he will insist on looking for her rose. Once Ib finds and picks up the Pink Key near the bottom right corner of the Toybox, Ib and Garry will take notice of Mary, and the rose trade will take place afterwards, during which Garry will trade Mary his rose in return for Ib's. Upon Mary's exit, the tolls of a bell, similar to the ones on the Doll Room, can be heard, which cues all the enemies in area to come alive and chase after Ib.

Mary can be killed in the Toy Box. Her painting resides in the hidden room covered in thick vines, which cover the back wall of the room past the hallway, which is past the area with the scribbles. If Ib discovers the hidden room, Mary will threaten and chase Ib with her palette knife, which will kill Ib if Mary makes contact with her. Ib or Garry must be in possession of the Lighter in order to burn Mary's painting, which will kill her.

In the routes where the rose trade does not take place, the first room of the Toybox has a save point near the center of the room. In all routes, a save point will be in the bottom right corner of the room where the vines covering the hidden room can be seen.

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