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The Girls in the Canvas is a book in the Red Area in the game Ib. It is on the lower-left shelf in the central library.


"The women here become very ??? (troublesome) once they ??? (acquire) a desire for humans."

"They'll always ??? (stubbornly) chase things until they're satisfied, it seems..."

"Anywhere, everywhere, to the ends of the earth..."

"But if they have one weakness, it's that they can't open doors on their own."


This book references the many painting ladies within the Fabricated World, such as The Lady in Red. When the painting ladies set their sights on Ib or Garry, they will continue to chase them until they pull all the petals off their roses. The painting ladies cannot open doors on their own, so entering another room is the best means of escaping them.

This book also connects to Mary, who is also a painting lady of a sort. She possesses a desire to escape the Fabricated World and live among humans, but in order to do so, she needs to replace a human from the real world. When she meets Ib and Garry, she becomes desperate to kill the latter and will not be satisfied unless she escapes into the real world. Unlike the other paintings ladies, however, she is able to reach doorknobs and open doors on her own, since she is a full-body creation.