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The Coughing Man
Coughing Man
Type of Artwork Painting
Location The Guertena Art Gallery
True Guertena Exhibit
I-Ib... I heard someone coughing when there was no one around... Your father's getting a little scared... I'm sure it was just me, though.

— Ib's Father

The Coughing Man is one of Guertena's paintings located in the Guertena Art Gallery in the game Ib. It depicts the portrait of a black-haired man. The image is set against a dull green background, surrounded by black inner frame and a brown outer frame. During the beginning of the game, after the gallery turns dark, the Coughing Man will cough once if Ib walks past his painting.


In the Guertena Art Gallery, the painting is in the southwest hall on the first floor. It is in the same room as Embodiment of Spirit.