Switch Room
The Switch Room is a room in the Sketchbook in the game Ib. There are eight switches laid around a center that must be pressed in a certain order. The clue for the order is on the wall, in the form of symbols. Each switch represents a compass direction of the Sketchbook, and a symbol can be found in each direction.

The order is north, west, northeast, northwest, southeast, south, east, and southwest. The clues only appear after Pandora's Box is opened. When the switches are pressed in the right order, the Plastic Key will appear in the center. If Ib presses in the wrong order, she will lose a petal and must start over.


  • North - A Heart symbol on the door to the house.
  • West - An orange butterfly with an Eye pattern.
  • Northeast - A Crescent Moon that appears in the pond when Ib stares at it.
  • Northwest - The Sun that is used to open the Switch Room via the Little Mirror.
  • Southeast - When the bookshelf inside the house is examined, one of the books will have a Star.
  • South - The green Spiral on the Bulletin Board.
  • East - A single red Apple on recently grown fruit trees.
  • Southwest - A Cat symbol on the back of the poster. An invisible path leads behind the poster to where the symbol can be found.