Song List

Song List in the True Guertena Exhibit.

This is a list of the songs used in the game Ib. All of the songs can be found in the music folder. Note that there are some spoilers (mostly as to where the songs are used).

A collection of songs can be accessed in-game from the True Guertena Exhibit, but only after the four endings have been achieved.

File Name Japanese Full Name Length Usage ID
puppet kugutu puppet 0:43 Mary's Theme 1
BlindAlley 袋小路 Blind Alley 2:02 Garry's Theme 2
CorelliLaFolia コレッリ_ラフォリア Corelli La Folia 3:13 Gallery 3
Departure 旅立ち Departure 1:27 Credits 4
doll doll The Little Doll's Dream 2:14 Game Over 5
HideAndSeek かくれんぼ Hide And Seek 0:59 Times of Sorrow 6
spreludenew spreludenew Prelude in C Minor 1:23 Intro 7
BGM008 BGM008 BGM008 0:47 Uneasy Air 8
clock tokei clock 0:40 Various 9
Dining_room Dining_room Dining room 1:20 Violet Area 10
Disappearance Disappearance Disappearance 1:12 Area Theme 11
footsteps asioto footsteps 0:50 Empty Gallery 12
Ib_Memory Ib_記憶 Ib: Memory 2:31 Title Extended 13
Ib_Uneasiness Ib_焦燥 Ib: Uneasiness 1:33 Tension 14
Inquiry Inquiry Inquiry 1:24 Area Theme 15
NoOneInSight 誰もいない風景 No One In Sight 2:17 Sketchbook 16
title title title 0:27 Title Screen 17
olddoll 古い人形 Old Puppet 2:14 Carrie Careless 18