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The Sketchbook is an area in the game Ib. This place was drawn by Mary using crayon. The Sketchbook is accessible after Garry pushes a headless statue out of the way, which was blocking the stairs that lead to the area.

Upon descending the stairs, the atmosphere will change dramatically. There is a puzzle that yields the Plastic Key.


The Sketchbook is divided into nine quadrants: eight compass directions, and a center. When you enter the Sketchbook, make your way to the center area. There is a pink house. Read the writing beside the door. You then travel to your left to the west quadrant, where you will find an upside-down house. Enter that house and pick up a bucket. You will then see Mary searching for you.

Go to the pond in the northeast quadrant to fill your bucket. Walk down until you reach the house in the southeast quadrant. You will notice a tulip which hasn't been budded yet. Water it. After clicking it twice, you will notice something gleaming between the tulip's petals. You have then obtained the Gallery Key.

Go to the Gallery in the south/southwest quadrant (there is an entrance in either area) to find a drawing of Garry, Ib, Mary, and the Blue Doll, who is giving a yellow rose to Mary. Open up the Pandora's Box and get the mirror. Walk to the house with the frozen door and reflect it with the fake sunlight to melt the door.

Go inside to hear something ticking (possibly an invisible clock in the room). This is considered one of the hardest puzzles in the whole game of Ib. The table below has been given for those who are struggling with the puzzle. If you get one part of the sequence wrong, one of your petals will fall. You'll have to start all over again.

4th 1st 3rd
2nd Starting Point and Reward Place 7th
8th 6th 5th

Once Ib has obtained the Plastic Key, she should enter the house next to the melted door house. She will then find a house with a save point and the Toy Box.




The audio played in the Sketchbook area is "No One In Sight".


Garry Doodles
Garry doodles.
Mary Doodles
Mary doodles.