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Sinister Painting
Sinister Painting
Type of Artwork Painting
Location Yellow Area
True Guertena Exhibit
...Why is there a painting of you here, Ib?

— Garry

The Sinister Painting is an unnamed painting located in the Yellow Area in the game Ib. It depicts Ib in an upside-down position, surrounded by multiple Claws grasping for her.

If Ib views this painting, it will add a point to Garry's Doom Counter. It will also cause Ib to see herself being hung to the left of the path of the south-east corner of the Sketchbook.


In the Yellow Area, the painting is behind one of the curtains in the Hide-and-Seek room.

In the True Guertena Exhibit, it is next to Lips on the southern wall in the Yellow Room.