Silver Ring
Silver Ring
Description A small wedding ring with an intricate design.
Usage Giving to the Grieving Bride in return for a Bouquet (Gray Area)
Isn't this... a wedding ring? Now what would this be doing here?

— Garry

The Silver Ring is an item located in the Gray Area in the game Ib. It must be given to the Grieving Bride to retrieve the Bouquet.

After Ib and Garry give the Red Glass Ball to the white snake painting, the next-door painting will fall off and give the hint, "Behind the big tree." The ring is found behind the tree sculpture, Feeling, but will only appear after they read this hint. To open the room where Feeling sits, Ib and Garry must press the secret switch inside the Labyrinth. After they collect the Silver Ring, they must return to the beginning of the Gray Area and put it on the Grieving Bride's Left Hand, on the ring finger. The bride will then give Ib and Garry her Bouquet, which they can feed to the Flower-eating Painting.

If the ring is placed on any other finger, Ib's rose will lose one petal.