If you make a mistake, you'll never leave the room again...

— Entering the Secret Room

Secret Room

The Secret Room is a room in the Cyan Area in the game Ib. It is hidden within the area's library.

Entering the RoomEdit

If Garry is with Ib, the player must first complete the Stick Man Room so that he gets tired. He will fall asleep in this room after a while. Afterwards, Ib must read the instructions on the bookshelf on the upper-left corner.

After reading the instructions to enter the secret room, Ib must read the next clue behind the left bookcase on the right of the room.

Ib must then read the instructions beside the right bookcase against the wall.

She must then look at the message on the canvas in the lower-right corner. It will tell Ib to close her eyes and count to 3. She must agree to this. A switch will appear in the center of the room. When Ib pulls it, she will be there.

There will be a painting called Three Crows and Five Fish. Ib must input the number "3" in the left post. She must input the word "Fish" in the right post. Getting these wrong will cost one petal of her rose. When she gets these codes right, she must examine the painting. She will earn a piece of Guertena's painting.

To exit the room, Ib must press the switch in the bottom-right corner. If Ib pushes the bottom-right button before collecting the Guertena piece, it will kill her instantly. Pushing the wrong button will also kill her instantly. After Ib exits the room, she will be back in the library.

Secret Room (True)

The Secret Room in the True Guertena Exhibit.

The secret room also appears in the True Guertena Exhibit. To access it, Ib must look at the Croquis Book in the Cyan Room. The secret room will feature these artworks: