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Save Point

The first Save Point is on the reception desk.

Save Points are small booklets and yellow pens on brown desks located throughout the course of the game Ib. Save Points allow the player to save their progress on any chosen file. Should the playable character die, they can restart at their last Save Point. Any objective that was completed before saving the game (i.e. collecting an item, building friendship points) will not have to be completed again. It is therefore recommended (especially to new players) that they save often.

When the progress of a game is saved on a file, there will be certain icons to indicate the player's current position in the story. Near the beginning, for example, the file will read the story to be in "Episode 1" and show only Ib's face. If Garry is in the party, his face will appear beside her, as well as Mary later. During the "Separation" segment, Garry's face will be alone if he saves by himself, or Ib and Mary's together should they save. If the player is on their second run through the game (following any "happy" ending), an orange + sign will be next to each character's face on the file.

In the A Painting's Demise ending, when controlling Mary, the Save Point booklets will be closed, making it impossible for Mary to save.