Red Rose
Red Rose-transparent
Description A pretty red rose. Seems too beautiful to be real.
Owned by Ib
Color Red
A pretty red rose. Seems too beautiful to be real.

— Game Description

The Red Rose is a rose in the game Ib. The Red Rose symbolizes Ib's life in the Fabricated World. Unlike Garry's Blue Rose, Ib's rose can have up to five petals. If the Red Rose loses all of its petals, Ib will die. The reason the rose is red may be due to the color theme of Ib's appearance. The Red Rose may represent Ib's personality, as she is brave, kind, and sweet, which is shown by her actions towards Garry.


The Red Rose is located in a vase in front of a green door, in the right hallway past the stairs that led from Ib's entrance through the Abyss of the Deep. When Ib retrieves the rose, it will have only three petals. After taking the rose from its vase, the word "thief" appears in red letters across the walls and floor of the hallway.


Red Rose Painting

In the Yellow Area, a painting was based from the Red Rose, located in the Materials Storehouse along the north wall. It depicts the rose with some petals falling, against a black background inside a light blue frame.

Trivia Edit

  • Since Ib is younger than Garry, and her rose can only have half the number of petals, it may be linked to the character's age.


Ib and Garry on the cover of Quarterly Pixiv magazine Volume 10.
Ib plate.
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Ib movic figurine concept.
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Ib figurines.
Mary, Ib, and Garry browsing merchandise at kouri's Guertena Shop.
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Garry holding a Red Rose brooch.
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Guertena Shop Garry.

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Cover art for Ib.
Ib and her Red Rose.
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Ib and her Red Rose.
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Garry and Ib solving a museum puzzle with a key.
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Halloween 2012 Garry, Ib, and Mary.
Ib with her Red Rose.
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Ib holding her Red Rose.
The Flower-eating Painting requesting for Ib and Garry's roses.
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Ib's 2nd Anniversary.
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Ib and Garry.
Garry teaching Mary and Ib about mille crêpes (Halloween 2014).
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Ib's 3rd Anniversary.
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Ib doodles.
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