Red Key
Red Key
Description A red key belonging to a person in a painting.
Usage Opens the library door (Red Area)
A red key belonging to a person in a painting.

— Game Description

The Red Key is a key found in the Red Area in the game Ib. It opens the central library of the Red Area.

In the first large room of the Red Area (where the sculptures Uh and Ah stand), Ib can find the Red Key protected by The Lady in Red in the upper-right corner. She must examine the Red Lady and walk away so the lady will pop out and begin crawling after her. The key will drop as a result, so Ib must avoid the lady and retrieve it. She can then open the red door in the center, to the area's library.

In the moving storybook, Carrie Careless, Carrie will unknowingly swallow a Red Key that was added inside the pie by mistake. Her friend will cut the key out with a knife and use it to open the next door for Ib.


  • This is the first key protected by a painting lady.
  • Shortly after the Red Key is used, Ib will collect the Small Key from Garry. The Small Key is also red in color.