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Red Glass Ball
Red Glass Ball
Description A lovely little red ball. It shines like a gem.
Usage Completing the white snake painting (Gray Area)

The Red Glass Ball is an item located in the Gray Area in the game Ib. It must be placed inside the hole of the white snake painting to reveal the location of the Silver Ring.

White Snake Painting

Snake painting completed with the Red Glass Ball.

After Ib and Garry have given the Eyedrops to the Congested Eye, the eye will point them to a secret room within a nearby wall. The Red Glass Ball is found in this room; after Ib obtains it, she can then place it onto the white snake painting. A painting nearby will then fall off, with a clue written on the back of the canvas. Upon observation, it reads, "Behind the big tree." The clue must be read in order to find the Silver Ring behind the Feeling sculpture.