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Passwords or codes are locking mechanisms throughout the cursed gallery in the game Ib. Some doors or other devices within the gallery are sealed and can only be opened by inputting a required password.


  • Yellow Area - In the upper-right hallway, past the hanging dolls, a door is sealed with the code "166." This code is the answer to a math equation, 18x9+4, which take the form of colored Xs on the door. Each colored number is hidden around the area.
  • Gray Area - In the massive room where the Colored Ladies roam, there are twin doors on the north side. The left door's code is 6295, which is the number on The Hanged Man's shirt, who is seen by the right side of the room. The right door's code is 14, as it asks the number of women paintings in the room.
  • Violet Area - The door that is close to the mirror is sealed with the code "Abyss of the Deep." To learn this code, Ib and Garry must pull the switch in the small room nearby, then read the hint that appears in the hallway south of the room. Garry will ask Ib what the first word is, and she must respond "Abyss."
  • Brown Area - In the lower left corner of the main area, the door to the library is sealed with the code "Marvelous Night." It displays the painting and asks to know its name, and the painting itself is in the Violet Area, Garry's segment. However, since Ib is offered three choices, and nothing bad happens when she answers incorrectly, it is not crucial for Garry to view the painting first.
  • Orange Area - The Truant Seconds Hand require a 5-digit code in order to make the area Nighttime. The code is 72391. Each digit is scattered inside the Dark Room, and the respective colors go in the same order as the five small paintings in the eastern room, including the green Anthill Painting that was removed previously. NOTE: one of the numbers in the room is an orange "8," but this is a trick.
  • Cyan Area - In the Secret Room, there will be two pedestals with orbs on either side of the moving painting. The code to the left pedestal is "3," while the code to the right is "Fish." This creates the title "Three Crows and Five Fish."