Palette Knife
Palette Knife
Usage Mary's weapon
But I think I'll hold onto this... You know, just in case...

— Mary

The Palette Knife is a small knife found in the first room of the Brown Area in Ib. Ib and Mary find it inside an open box in the Box Room. Mary first jokes how they could use it to cut the vines blocking them from Garry, but then decides to hold onto it, just in case. When Ib and Garry are about to reunite, Mary threatens to hurt Ib with the knife, until Garry saves Ib and knocks Mary out.

When Mary searches for Ib and Garry in the small house of the Sketchbook, she will be holding the knife. When Ib and Garry enter the room where Mary's painting hangs, she will ultimately try to kill them with the knife, until Ib and Garry destroy her painting with the lighter. When Mary crumbles into ash, the knife will lay among her remains.

In the A Painting's Demise ending, while wandering around the real-world gallery, Mary will draw the knife when she suspects someone is trying to scare her.


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