W-What's wrong, Ib? You look frightened.....

— Garry

Mirrors are seen a few times throughout the game Ib. They appear in the Gray Area and Violet Area and reflect Ib and Garry's images whenever they are examined.

The first mirror is seen in the eastern-most side of the Ladies' room in the Gray Area. The room opens after Ib moves the rose vase into the correct position in a central room. When Ib and Garry examine the mirror, a mannequin head will block the exit. When they examine the mirror after looking at the head, the mannequin will appear over Garry's shoulder in the reflection. Frightened by its action, Garry will angrily attempt to kick the mannequin; but Ib can choose whether or not to stop him. Destroying the head will add a point to Garry's Doom Counter.

The second mirror is seen in a hallway in the Violet Area, close to the room where Separation hangs. It functions as a normal mirror initially; however, once Garry's lighter has been used in the room containing Separation, it will begin to occasionally show cryptic text or images over Garry and Ib's figures when the reflection is checked. If Garry's face is smudged on the mirror in particular, he will note that Ib looks frightened. If the group returns with Mary, the mirror will shatter if they try to look at it.

Cracked Mirror

Broken mirror in Violet Area.



Mary, Ib, and Garry browsing merchandise at kouri's Guertena Shop.