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Mayhem of Color
Mayhem of Color
Type of Artwork Painting
Location Cyan Area
True Guertena Exhibit
Damage Dealt 1 petal
Speed Slow

Mayhem of Color is one of Guertena's paintings located in the Cyan Area of the Dungeon in the game Ib. It depicts splotches of several different colors. The image is set against a white background, surrounded by a brown frame.

Mayhem of Color is also one of many enemies in the game. When either Ib or Garry enters the maze, the painting will begin to chase them. It can be destroyed by stepping on the Black Rose at the end of the maze.


In the Cyan Area, the painting is located to the left of the door in the Cactus Terrace, which is located at the lower-right corner of the main room.


  • When Mayhem of Color attacks Ib or Garry, a light splashing sound can be heard, rather than the usual damage sound-effect.