Materials Storehouse

The Materials Storehouse is a room in the Yellow Area of the game Ib. It is directly east of the Cat Gate, the starting room of the area.

The room is filled with headless statues, boxes, stools, and a row of five head statues in the middle. If Ib walks past the center head, which has red eyes, it will come to life and chase her. Ib must lure it to the crack in the floor just right of the row (in early versions of Ib, it will be a sign on the floor that labels the Materials Storehouse). The head will trip and shatter, allowing Ib to collect the Wooden Fish Tail, which is one half of the Fish Key.

The northeast corner has a vase that can restore Ib's rose, should she need to. The north wall has a painting of a red rose, and if Ib walks past, yellow paint will leak from the ceiling.

Interactive ObjectsEdit

  • Wooden Fish Tail (inside the center head statue)
  • A Red Rose Painting
  • An empty box
  • A box with dirty palettes
  • A healing vase
  • Headless statues