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.....This is.....

— Garry

Mary's Diary is a book seen on the floor of Mary's room in the Sketchbook's Toy Box in the game Ib. It takes the appearance of a rectangle with a reddish-pink edge, while the inside is white with a design on it. It is located on the right side of Mary's room, next to some crayon drawings. The diary is written in crayon.


"I like the visitors coming in to live with me, but..."

"I want to leave this place myself and live outside!"

"But unless I take the place of someone from outside, it seems I can't do that..."

"Won't somebody come soon? Won't somebody come soon..."


This book reveals Mary's reasons for attempting to kill Garry. By sacrificing Garry, she would've been able to leave the Fabricated World and live in the real world.

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