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I... I was looking to see if there was anyone else too... I wanted to get out... So I...

— Mary

Hair color Blonde
Eye color Blue
Gender Female
Age ??? (appears 9)
Status Determinant
Cause of Death Burned to death.

Mary (メアリー Mearī) is the second person to join the party of Ib and Garry in the horror game Ib. She is the tritagonist of the game. Even though Mary seems human-like, she is actually a painting who wants to get out of the art gallery, but in order to do that she needs to sacrifice someone else.


Mary has blonde, wavy hair; big, deep blue eyes; and pale skin. She wears a green frock and a blue neckerchief, similar to the one that Ib wears. She also wears black knee-high socks and shoes that are similar to school shoes.


Mary seems to be a cute, cheerful girl at first glance, although she is also impatient and often misunderstands things. As the game progresses, it becomes obvious that she is mentally unstable. Mary's behavior may be the sort of behavior her painter, Guertena, imagined her to have.

Mary dislikes Garry, since she envies his relationship with Ib and wishes to use him as her replacement in the Fabricated World. Even if she doesn't show it, Mary trusts Garry. She demonstrates this in A Painting's Demise when she calls for his help.

It should be noted that, though Mary may be as mentally developed as an adult, she retains a child-like naivety. As a painting, she is out of touch with reality. This is shown in a A Painting's Demise when she cries out for her creator, Guertena, to save her, unaware of his death years before. Additionally, in Welcome to the World of Guertena, she claims a book telling her of the need to have friends, showing how little experience she has dealing with others.

Although Mary is, technically, the main antagonist of the game, she is, by no means, an evil character; rather, just very lonely, as she wanted to leave her world to be with others. She quickly grows attached to those she spends time with, already viewing Ib as a sister, despite knowing her less than a day. In Together, Forever, she is quick to snuggle up to Ib's parents.

It's unknown how old Mary is, but it's speculated by some fans that she is about as old as Ib is: 9 or 10 years old.


Mary's rose is fake, as if symbolizing she is too. This could be seen as a representation of Mary's fabricated life, seeing as though she is not a real human. Mary uses one of the yellow roses that are right below her in her painting. Her yellow roses symbolize jealousy, which is commonly known through floral experts. Since her rose is fake, it's unknown of how many petals her rose(s) have. It could be possible she has 5 petals since she, and of course speculated by some fans, may be the same age as Ib.

Also, it is possible Guertena colored her rose yellow due to her personality. Mary is jealous, but very energetic and cheerful, happy, and two-faced. Yellow is the color for negative and positive personalities.

Main article: Roses


Ib and Garry meet Mary in the Violet Area. The reason as to why she tries to take Garry away from Ib so she can be closer with her can be interpreted as the effect of her jealousy towards Ib and Garry's strong bond. It can also be noted that she tries to make Ib like her better. When she asks Ib questions about Garry after reaching the violet area, you can see Mary is highly interested in how much is Ib is connected to Garry. After Garry finds out that she is a painting, she will stand and not move, causing Ib to worry about her. Also, she wants to get her attention by walking around the room and talking with her about everything she knows about the real world. When Ib goes to take the plastic key and unlock the door, Mary will take her palette knife.

Note that if Garry fails to escape the Doll Room, Mary will tell Ib that the Garry she is with may not be the real Garry to make her leave him.  She becomes jealous of how Garry gets all of Ib's attention (ie: In the Doll Room where Ib hugs Garry after frantically trying to snap him out of a trance), and starts to say very strange things, and even goes as far as to stabbing a mannequin head to vent her anger towards Garry.  Eventually Garry finds out that Mary is not a real person; Mary is actually one of Guertena's last paintings before he died that came to life, much like his other art in the gallery.  Depending on your choices, Mary plays an integral role in the endings of the game.

However, if you talk with Mary several times, you may get ending A Painting's Demise or Welcome to the World of Guertena where she receives either a bad or happy ending, but no happy ending for Ib and Garry.  There is also Together, Forever.

Main article: Endings


Mary feels like a sister to Ib.  She is shown to be very attached to Ib since the first time they met, even if the player chooses to ignore her because of her excitedness.  The truth is, Mary wants to get all of Ib's attention by pretending to be scared and walking all around the room or area (as shown in the Brown Area if Garry manages to survive the Doll Room). Mary did try to attack Ib with the palette knife she picked up, but this only happens when the latter tries to leave down the stairs beyond the Brown Door. 
Mary's relationship with Garry is dependent on her mental state, though she usually dislikes him. Her disliking for him may come from her jealousy of the fact that he clearly likes Ib and Ib likes Garry, so Mary will always pull them away from each other. Mary tries to kill Garry so she can leave the Fabricated World together with Ib. Mary wanted to make Ib forget about Garry and leave him, which is seen in the Doll room if Garry doesn't succeed in escaping. She uses Ib's sensitivity to save herself and leave Garry behind, even if she knows it will be hard for her. Mary also feels that Garry is her competition, and as so she is jealous of him because Ib shows much more trust and loyalty to him than to her. Despite this, Mary trusts Garry as seen when she calls for his help in the A Painting's Demise ending. In the Welcome to the World of Guertena, she chose to stay in the painting world with Ib and Garry, and she says they are the first real friends she has ever had, and they can play together forever, showing that though she is jealous of him, she doesn't necessary dislike him.
In the new ending A Painting's Demise, Mary keeps calling Guertena her father. When the lights go off in the gallery and everything becomes black, Mary calls for Guertena, saying father, to save her. It may be because she was painted by Guertena, as well as many other paintings, and all of them refer to Guertena as their father.
  • Paintings in the Fabricated World
Mary is friendly with them all. This can be seen when she leaves Ib and instead of moving the headless mannequin on her way out, she asks it nicely to move so she can proceed, which the headless mannequin does. Also, when you go to the "real" gallery and Mary looks at The Lady in Red, Mary will yell "Big sis!", implying that she has a sister-like friendship with the paintings of ladies.


  • It has also been speculated by only a small bit of the fandom that when she is playing "Loves Me, Loves Me Not" she may be refering to Guertena or as she calls him, her father. They believe this mostly due to the fact that Mary is confused over why Guertena left her, and may think it is because he hates or dislikes her. She might be trying to decide between two possibilites: that her father "loves her" or that he "loves her not."
  • Mary hadn't liked Garry ever since they met.  Notice that, when asked about her rose, she ignores his tips on keeping her rose safe, exclaiming how she likes Ib's rose color.  That could also be a way to hide her secret of being a painting and avoiding any deeper conversation about her rose so Ib or Garry won't notice anything suspicious about her.
  • Mary can get happy ending now, but just for herself, in the ending Welcome to the World of Guertena.  This is not much better than Together, Forever because at least in that ending, you're saving both Ib and Mary.
  • Mary doesn't like adults, which might be one of the reasons why Mary doesn't like Garry. 


Mary's icon as seen in the game
Ib Together Forever
Ib and Mary in the Together, Forever ending

Garry, Ib, and Mary rubber phone strap set
Palmtop Mary and the Blue Doll with the Mary phone strap
Fes 11
Sketch of Mary on a promotional Ib notebook

Mary bag
Mary holding a promotional Ib tote bag
Garry, Ib, and Mary observing the Fleeting Thoughts on a Moonlit Night painting
Ib halloween2012
Halloween 2012 Garry, Ib, and Mary
Top 1
Ib First Anniversary
01 3
02 3
Mary holding the Blue Doll
03 3
Concept designs for Mary when kouri was deciding on the color of her outfit (out of these, he preferred the blue one)
04 3
Mary complaining and annoying Garry
Ib 03
The Blue Doll along with Mary
Mary's drawing of herself with Ib
Mary beta
Mary giving thanks
Top 02
Mary hugging the Blue Doll
H 03
Mary dressed as a black cat with the Your Dark Figure painting (Halloween 2012)
Top 05
Mary spilling her Halloween candy (2012)
01 02
Mary tweaking Garry's hair (2013 New Year)
Mary showing Ib the result of Mary's tampering with Garry's hair (2013 New Year)
Mary giggling (2013 New Year)
Mary winning the Ib and Mary plush dolls from a claw machine
Top 07
2013 New Year Mary and Ib
Ib father2
Father's Day 2013 Mary
2013 cr01
Christmas 2013 Mary
2013 cr02
Santa Mary rough sketch (Christmas 2013)
Manga-style Mary
Mary throwing beans at oni Garry (Setsubun 2014)
Top 10
Rainbow Mary
2013 ha mary
Halloween 2013 Mary
2013 ha g
Garry arriving late for Halloween (2013)
Ib 2nd mary
"What Mary is Thinking of" (Second Anniversary)
Ib b
Ib doodles
Top 14
Mary and Garry
Mary, Ib, and Garry browsing merchandise at kouri's Guertena Shop
Ib enq a
Results of the official Ib favorite character poll

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