...Was this thing here earlier? I... don't think it was...

— Garry

Mannequin Row

A row of mannequin heads, with one of them leaking red liquid.

Mannequin Heads are pieces of Guertena's artworks commonly seen throughout the course of the game Ib. They are white in color, have red lips, and stare towards the left or right. In some cases, Ib may encounter a bleeding mannequin head, which has red paint streaming out of its eyes and mouth. Mary has been seen stabbing a mannequin head with her palette knife before, and at certain points, both Ib and Garry can break some of them.


While many of the mannequin heads are just decorating there are some that play a more active role in the plot and could affect the game's ending. The first account of such a mannequin head occurs in the Mirror Room in the Gray Area. After Ib and Garry view themselves in the mirror for the first time, a mannequin head will appear as an obstacle in front of the exit. When Ib examines it, Garry would question when the mannequin head had ended up in its current location.

Missing Mannequins

Missing mannequins heads.

When Ib and Garry view themselves in the mirror for the second time, the mannequin head can be seen peering over Garry's right shoulder in the reflection. Instantly, Garry will initially appear frightened as he falls over, asking what the mannequin head is, but his mood will then quickly change into one of anger as he prepares himself to kick the mannequin head, which is now sitting near the mirror. During this time, Ib will have the option to cover her eyes or to stop Garry. If Ib chooses to cover her eyes, the screen will turn black for a moment, and the player can hear the sounds of an object shattering. When the screen returns to normal, the mannequin head can be seen, broken into pieces, on the rightmost side of the room. Garry will be panting from the exertion before mocking it and saying it was just a mannequin and, still in a bad mood, telling Ib that they should leave.

Letting Garry kick the mannequin head will increase his doom counter by one. Otherwise, if Ib chooses to stop Garry, Ib will run over to Garry and Garry will restrain himself, calming himself down before commenting about his recent act of immaturity. With his composure back, and in a happier mood, he will then tell Ib that they should leave.

Mannequin Paintings

Paintings of mannequin heads.


  • If Garry destroys the first mannequin head, more heads will appear in the main room. If Ib goes back to the mannequins' hallway, some will be missing.
    • He may also ask Ib if there is something around his neck in the Safe Room.
    • A mannequin head will appear in the room containing the Separation painting, towards the left of the room, next to the bokcase.


Ib and Garry Mirror
Ib and Garry viewing their reflections in a mirror, with an unexpected mannequin head.

A Blue Doll and a mannequin head pestering Garry.
H 04
Franken mannequin and the Blue Doll with a witch hat (Halloween 2012).
Guertena lollipop chocolate based off of motifs of characters and Guertena's artworks.
Garry Doodles
Garry doodles.
Mary Doodles
Mary doodles.
Garry's New Clothes
kouri's attempt to draw Garry in a different fashion, but the color scheme was the same.