Damage Dealt 1 petal
Speed Immobile
Hungry... Give food...

— Lips

Lips is a minor enemy in the Yellow Area of the game Ib. It is a pair of lips guarding passage to the Red Area. It is stationed on the wall in the lower-east side of the main room in the Yellow Area. It will bite Ib whenever she talks to it, as it desires food. Ib must solve the "166" code on the northeast door to retrieve the Wooden Apple. Ib can feed Lips the apple, so Lips will open its mouth and allow Ib to pass to the Guillotine Area, which will lead to the Red Area.

Open Mouth

"Go through my mouth."

The Lips also appears in the True Guertena Exhibit, requesting food, but it won't bite Ib. The Lips is in the Yellow Room on the southern wall, between Sinister Painting and the Red Rose Painting.

In the Brown Area, the Tattletale painting depicts a pair of talking lips, who informs Mary that Garry knows her secret.

Crayon Lips

Crayon Lips in the Sketchbook.

In the Sketchbook, in the southwest quadrant, there is a giant crayon drawing of Lips hidden on the very left of the area.


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"What Mary is Thinking of" (2nd Anniversary).
Guertena lollipop chocolate based off of motifs of characters and Guertena's artworks.
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