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Lighter des
Description After years of use, it's running low on oil... (Garry)
A tool Garry has for lighting fires. (Ib)
Usage Burning Mary's painting (Toy Box)
Thrown away by Mary to ensure Ib never remembers Garry(Together, Forever)
A notice to all visitors. There is a strict ban on fire-starting implements in the gallery. We request that you please report the use of any matches, lighters, or the like. Should the use of such implements be reported to the staff...

— Violet Area Warning

The Lighter is an item in the game Ib. It has been owned by Garry for years, though it is unknown how he obtained it or why he possesses it.

A popular theory among fans is that Garry smokes or used to smoke, and this is why he owns a lighter.


The lighter is first used in the room with the Separation painting, located in the Violet Area. After everything goes black, Garry states how the darkness is a problem and remembers his lighter. He lights it only to see that pleading messages have been scribbled in what seems to be crayon all over the room. Garry then states that the new words are not good for his mental health in a request to leave the room as quickly as possible.

Later, Garry uses his lighter to burn away the thorns blocking the stairs to the room containing Mary's portrait, in the Toy Box. Almost directly after (depending on the player's choices), he burns down that portrait, killing Mary in the process. In the ending where Garry dies, Ib notices the lighter in Garry's pocket. The player can choose to take it with her or leave it with Garry. If Ib takes the lighter, she will have to eat the lemon candy Garry gave her. She can then either burn Mary's portrait, which triggers the Forgotten Portrait ending, or leave the gallery, triggering the Together, Forever ending. If Ib leaves the gallery with the lighter, Mary will notice it and tell Ib that it's dangerous before taking it and throwing it away later.

In the ending Welcome to the World of Guertena, when Mary throws a party welcoming Ib and Garry to the art gallery forever, she finds the lighter in Garry's pocket (though it's not directly named) and feeds it to the giant doll painting (referred to as the "TRASH") to dispose of.


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