Tile Room

An odd one out.

There's an odd one out...

— Statue Note

The Liars' Room is a room in the game Ib. It is located in the Yellow Area and is where the compilation of the six Liars paintings resides. The door at the northernmost part of the hall leads to this room, where Ib solves the Liars' puzzle. In the puzzle room is a statue at its center and numerous interactive tiles covering the ground's entirety. All of those tiles, except for one, will shoot gas at Ib, costing two petals of her rose.

The Brown Liar is the only painting that is telling the truth, advising Ib to stand in front of the statue, go east four steps, and then north two steps. After Ib finds the purple "4" under the correct panel, the other Liars will kill the brown one. Their text will all read "Liar!"