Ib in the labyrinth.

The Labyrinth is a room in the Gray Area in the game Ib. It is a maze where red headless statues roam.

There are red paint splotches in various areas of the floor. If Ib and Garry check the wall directly south of the paint splotch in the northwest section, they can push a switch to open a new room in the main area. This room will hold the Silver Ring that must be placed on the Grieving Bride's ring finger.

There is a sign in the northwest corner that hints a trick to solving mazes: by hugging the right-hand side. Garry remarks how it doesn't help with the ceiling being too low, and cautions Ib not to get caught between the statues. If Ib and Garry read this sign, they will receive a Bond Point.

Interactive ObjectsEdit

  • Switch that opens a secret room (south of red paint)
  • Poster that gives advice for solving mazes; reading it will strengthen Ib's bond with Garry by one point
  • Nameplate that reads "Labyrinth"
  • Wall writing that reads, "Do you like mazes?"
  • Canvas that reads, "Check directly south of the red paint."
  • Three headless statues