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A young girl named Ib visits an art gallery with her parents.

While observing the many exhibits, she suddenly realizes she is alone. And in her search for others, she finds things awry in the gallery...

— Kouri

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Ib is a horror game made by Kouri in 2012. It consists of a 9 year old girl who arrived at the Art Gallery of Guertena with her parents for the very first time. When Ib's parents are at the reception, Ib was allowed to wander off around the art gallery.


The story of Ib is about a nine year old girl named Ib arrives at the Art Gallery of Guertena. When they arrive, Ib asks to wander off on her own aimlessly around the Art Gallery. When Ib arrives at a painting called Fabricated World, known as (??? World) to Ib, the lights start to flicker.

Everyone soon disappears and Ib finds herself all alone.

Pick UpsEdit

There are a number of pick ups found around the Fabricated World.



  • The Lady in Red - The Lady in Red is seen a few times in the Art Gallery of Guertena. She is seen coming out of her painting and dragging the frame on the ground.
  • The Lady in Blue - The Lady in Blue is seen plucking off the petals of the Blue Rose and when Ib comes out of the room, The Lady in Blue is seen smashing the window.
  • The Lady in Green - The Lady in Green is similar to The Lady in Red and The Lady in Blue except faster.
  • The Lady in Yellow - See The Lady in Red, Blue and Green.
  • Claws - Claws are seen a few times on the edges of a few walls. When one appears Ib stops for a split second. Claws are seen throughout the Art Gallery.
  • Liars - The Liars are a group of paintings which are lying about where the number is.
  • Mary - Mary is a rather odd girl about the same age as Ib who gets angry at Ib for entering her room.
  • Spitting Pictures - Spitting Pictures are seen around the Art Gallery of Guertena. It spits and the spit becomes an acid. Garry gets scared after one of the Spitting Pictures spits.
  • Headless Statue - The Headless Statue is a guard to the maze and will kill Ib when she touches them.
  • Fake Mother - Fake Mother is Ib's fake mother which will trap Ib all alone in the cursed world.
  • Fake Garry - See Fake Mother.
  • Fake Mary - See Fake Mother.
  • Mistake - Mistake can only be seen in the dungeon (Ib ver. 1.04). It roams around, not attacking you directly.

Interactive ObjectsEdit

There are a few interactive objects hidden around The Art Gallery of Guertena.

  • Headless Statue - Garry is needed to push this.
  • Stool - The Stool is needed to be pushed in order to get the Eyedrop.
  • Table - The Table, which contains the Red Rose, is needed to be pushed to enter a door.


There are a few different endings in Ib.

Main article: Endings

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