Ib's Father
Chara father
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Blue
Gender Male
Age Unknown
Should we get to the reception desk ?

— Ib's Father

Ib's Father (real name unknown) is a secondary character in the game Ib. He is the father of Ib and the husband of Ib's mother.


Ib's Father Sprite Ib's father has short brown hair, dark blue eyes, and pale skin. He wears a blue suit and a green tie.


Ib's father is quite caring and has a kind aura like Garry. He is gentle in words and appearance. He's very intimidated by art. He seems to be the type of person who tends to forget things easily. He's quite carefree. He loves his daughter and tends to buy her a lot of stuffed bunnies, much to the disapproval of his wife.


He and his wife accompany Ib to the art gallery. He, along with everybody else, disappears when the lights go out. He and his wife appear in a portrait in the Fabricated World ("Couple"). He is mentioned very infrequently, much less than his wife, so his role has little significance.



His daughter. He takes Ib to the art gallery with his wife. He loves her a lot and trusts her as she is his only child. They appear to have a good relationship, as depicted in kouri's drawings, and he gave Ib a stuffed rabbit on her ninth birthday. He has a loving relationship and normal interactions with his daughter.

Ib's Mother

His wife. He comes with her and Ib to the gallery. He is seen always close to his wife.


Ib and her father commemorating with Beaujolais nouveau wine
Ib father
Father's Day 2013 Ib and her father

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