Green Key
Green Key
Description A green key that smells of fresh leaves.
Usage Unlocking the door to the Yellow Area (Green Area)

The Green Key is a key in the game Ib. It is the second key Ib finds on her adventure. It is used to leave the Green Area and enter the Yellow Area.

The key is located to the eastern-most part of the Green Area. Ib must use the Ant Painting to serve as a bridge crossing a gap to the east side. The key will be on the floor in front of a red headless statue and is also in front of Epilogue. After Ib picks up the key, the statue will chase her; but once she crosses the Ant Painting again, the painting will rip, forming a hole in which the statue will fall through. Ib can use the key to open the northern door of the Green Area and enter the Yellow Area.

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