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The Green Area is one of the areas of the cursed gallery in the game Ib. As the name implies, the entire flooring of each room in the area is green. It is the second area Ib comes to on her adventure, continuing after the Blue Area. It leads to the Yellow Area.


It starts with Ib coming into a hall with an ant crawling on the floor and four paintings of bugs. Going right leads to another hall with four paintings and a green door. Going through the door will lead to a room with a large hole in the middle. Going back to the first green hall, there is another hall there with a note in front of it. Going through the hall, claws will come out of the walls to do harm to Ib, so keep her in the middle, away from the walls/edges. After going through, you will come to a hall with a writing desk and a picture of an ant. Take the picture of the ant down and put it across the hole in the room after the hall with the four pictures. Once walking across the hole, the ant painting will be crushed and bleed. After going through the door, you come to a room with a picture, a green key on the floor, and a red headless statue. Pick up the green key and run away to the room with the four paintings, as the statue will chase after you. As you run over the ant painting a second time, a hole will form, and the statue will fall in, destroying itself. Go back to the hall where the ant painting hung, save, and exit into the Yellow Area.


The notes regarding parts of the game:

  • "Beware the edges"

Paintings Edit

The paintings encountered in this area:


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