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The Gas Room is a room in the Violet Area of the game Ib, with a second floor in the Brown Area. It is filled with orange toxic gas that depletes petals from one's rose with each step.
Gas Room 2

Second floor of Gas Room.

When Garry enters this room, he must walk directly right to collect the Red Umbrella between two gas clouds. He must leave and restore his rose using the Eternal Blessing in the area. There is also a Ball of Paint on the very left side of the room, which Garry can collect easily, or else just wait until the gas is gone.
Gas Room

Interactive ObjectsEdit

Ib's area:

Garry's area:

  • Red Umbrella
  • Violet Ball of Paint
  • Empty vase (when it rains in the upper room, it will have infinite water)
  • Switch to turn the gas off

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