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Gas is a hazardous substance seen throughout the game Ib. When inhaled, it can quickly wilt the petals on Ib's and Garry's roses. Gas is first seen in the Yellow Area.


In the Yellow Area, if Ib uncovers any of the wrong tiles around the statue in the Liars' Room, she will be gassed, and her rose will lose two petals.

In the Violet Area, in the row of five switches, the second switch from the left will hit Garry with gas if pulled, causing his rose to lose two petals. Later, there is a room filled with orange gas that will drain Garry's rose with each step. He must pull the switch in the bottom-right corner to shut it off.

In the Brown Area, a cloud of gas blocks the corridor to the Sketchbook but can be shut off once Garry pulls the switch in the Violet Area.