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Garry's Coat
Garry's Coat
Description Garry's Coat. It's tattered all over...
Usage Strengthens Ib's bond with Garry when she returns it to him (Gray Area)
Hm? My coat's all torn and ragged? No, no, that's on purpose! That's just the design! ...Though to be sure, I have been wearing it for many years now as well...

— Garry

The Coat is Garry's signature article of clothing in the game Ib. It is a dark blue coat that is designed to be torn and ragged. Garry has been wearing it for many years.

In the Gray Area, after Ib falls unconscious, Garry carries her to the Safe Room. He will lay Ib down in a corner and cover her with his coat. After she awakens, Garry will show Ib the candy in its pocket, and lets her keep it. Before leaving the Safe Room, Ib can pick the coat up and return it to Garry, whereupon he thanks Ib, increasing their Bond Points. Otherwise, Garry will retrieve it on his own if Ib wants to leave. If she talks to Garry afterward, he will explain that he's owned the coat for years, but it was designed torn and ragged.


  • In several pictures of Garry wearing the coat, it seems that a few parts are floating separate from it. This is most noticeable in his mirror reflections.