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Forgotten Portrait
Forgotten Portrait
Type of Artwork Painting
Location The Guertena Art Gallery
(Forgotten Portrait)
True Guertena Exhibit
This is the page for the painting Forgotten Portrait. Information on the ending Forgotten Portrait can be found here.

Forgotten Portrait is a painting located in the Guertena Art Gallery in the game, Ib. It is only available in the Forgotten Portrait ending. It depicts Garry slumped over in a sitting position, the same state that Ib sees him in when he dies in the Sketchbook; thus, the painting portrays Garry's corpse as it was when Ib was forced to leave him to escape the Fabricated World alone.

After escaping the Fabricated World, when Ib examines this painting, she will not recognize the man in the painting as Garry, as all of her memories of the Fabricated World are suppressed and cannot be recalled unless she has some way to remember him by (the outcome in this ending is fixed, so there is no way for Ib to remember Garry). She will, however, appear to possess a sort of attraction to the painting, as even when Ib's mother tells her that it's time to leave the gallery, Ib will demonstrate an obvious hesitation to leave the painting.

In the True Guertena Exhibit, the painting is located in the Black Room, on the wall behind Final Stage, next to Mary's portrait. It only appears if Ib has gotten the Forgotten Portrait ending.


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