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Flower-eating Painting
Type of Artwork Painting
Location Gray Area
True Guertena Exhibit
Damage Dealt Instant death
Speed Immobile
Give me that there flower and I'll let you through... ehehe...

— Flower-eating Painting

The Flower-eating Painting is one of Guertena's unnamed paintings located in the Red Area in the game Ib. It depicts a face structured from a pair of light blue eyes (with the left one having been melted), in which the pupils wiggle up and down, and a light blue grinning mouth, melted in a similar manner as its left eye. The image is set against a black background, surrounded by a blue frame. When eating flowers, the painting turns red.

Like its unofficial name implies, the Flower-eating Painting enjoys eating flowers.

When Ib first encounters the Flower-eating Painting, it asks for her rose. If Ib has not procured the bouquet, she has two options: she can refuse its request or give it her rose. If she refuses its request, it will prompt her again, and Ib will again have to choose if she wants to give it her rose. If she refuses yet again, it will laugh maniacally. If she decides to give it her rose, Garry will ask if that's a good idea. Ib is once again asked if she wants to give him her rose. If she does, the Flower-eating Painting will thank her before declaring, "Well, chow time!" The painting will turn red and eat Ib's rose, killing her and ending the game.

Flower-eating Painting Door
If Ib has indeed received the bouquet, she has the option to give it to the painting without protest or question. The painting will again declare, "Well, chow time!" and eat the bouquet in the same manner as the rose. It will then become a door and laugh manically. Ib can then pass through to the next room.

If Ib interacts with it in the True Guertena Exhibit, the painting will laugh softly and do nothing else.


  • This is the second enemy that required something edible for it to let Ib pass, the first being Lips.


The Flower-eating Painting requesting for Ib and Garry's roses.
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