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Type of Artwork Painting
Location Brown Area
True Guertena Exhibit

Fisherman is one of Guertena's paintings located in the Brown Area in the game Ib. It depicts a black stick figure fishing at the edge of a bluff. The image is set against a sky blue background, surrounded by a green frame. It is connected to the Fishing Hook in the Violet Area.

After Garry hooks the Red Umbrella to the Fishing Hook in the Violet Area, it will be reeled up to Fisherman in the Brown Area. Ib and Mary can collect the umbrella and give it to the Lady Without Her Umbrella.


In the Brown Area, the painting is located in the northeast corner of the main room. The Fisherman only appears after Ib breaks a crack in the floor using the mannequin head in the Gas Room located south of the Fisherman.