Fish Key

Fish Key

Wooden Fish Head

Wooden Fish Tail

Description Head and tail together. Not seeing the "key"... (Fish Key)
A wooden fish head. But where's the tail? (Wooden Fish Head)
A wooden fish tail. But where's the head? (Wooden Fish Tail)
Usage Opens the cat gateway
Head and tail together. Not seeing the "key"...

— Game Description

The Fish Key is an item in the game Ib that is found in the Yellow Area. It is divided in two halves, the Fish Head and Fish Tail, and is used to open the cat gateway. Ib can combine both halves once they're collected and put it in the cat gate's mouth, opening the way to the next part of the Yellow Area.
Cat Room

The Cat Room where the key goes.


The Fish Head is located in the room left of the gateway, where a Stick Figure asks Ib to play Hide-and-Seek. If Ib finds him, the Fish Head will fall out of the A Chef's Talent painting in the north end.

The Fish Tail is located in the room right of the gateway, where large stone heads, headless statues, and boxes stand. One of the heads will slowly chase Ib, so she must lure it over the crack in the floor so it falls and breaks. She can retrieve the Fish Tail from its rubble.

In the True Guertena Exhibit, the Fish Key is divided in two halves again, located in the southeast corner of the Yellow Room, south of the Wooden Apple trees.
Fish Head and Tail

The head and tail divided in two.