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Final Stage
Final Stage
Type of Artwork Sculpture
Location Dungeon / Black Area
True Guertena Exhibit
Damage Dealt Eventual death (3 chances)
Speed Immobile
Wait, Ib! This piece... gives me a bad feeling. I think we should stay away.

— Garry

Final Stage is one of Guertena's sculptures that is located in the Black Area of the Dungeon in the game Ib. It is a diamond-shaped bed found in the last area of the Dungeon. If Ib decides to sleep on it, she will dream of her ninth birthday, during which she obtained the Lace Handkerchief as a present from her mother and a stuffed rabbit from her father. While Ib is dreaming, at several intervals, Ib has the choice to wake up. If she chooses to remain asleep, her rose will lose one petal for each decision to remain asleep when prompted to choose at the intervals. If Ib sleeps to the end of the dream, she will die, achieving a variation of the Ib All Alone ending. However, if Garry is with Ib when she comes across Final Stage, he will prevent her from sleeping on it.


Final Stage in the Atelier.

Ib Sleeping on Final Stage

Ib sleeping on Final Stage.