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Eyedrops Painting
Eyedrop Painting
Type of Artwork Painting
Location Gray Area
True Guertena Exhibit

The Eyedrops Painting is one of Guertena's unnamed paintings located in the Gray Area in the game Ib. It depicts an eyedrops bottle, with a purple liquid oozing from the upper-left corner. The image is set against a red-orange background, surrounded by a brown frame. The painting is based off of the eyedrops that are set on a stool in front of the painting. The painting only appears in newer updates.


Stool Room

Ib in front of the eyedrops painting.

In the Gray Area, the painting is located in the Stool Room. Ib must follow an east route within the stool maze to be able to reach and examine the painting. The Eyedrops are set in front of it, so Ib can collect those as well.