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Type of Artwork Painting
Location Guertena Art Gallery
Violet Area
True Guertena Exhibit

Enlightenment is one of Guertena's paintings located in the Guertena Art Gallery and Violet Area in the game Ib. It depicts an eye looking rightward. The image is set against a gray background, surrounded by a yellow frame.


In the Guertena Art Gallery, the Enlightenment is located at the southeast part of the upper floor, to the left of Your Dark Figure.

In the Violet Area, it is in the library, on the left side, looking directly rightward at Strained Ear on the parallel side.

In the True Guertena Exhibit, it is located in the room south of the reception area. It on hangs next to Your Dark Figure on the upper right wall.

Collected Works of GuertenaEdit

In the Cyan Area, Enlightenment is featured in Collected Works of Guertena: Eyes. The painting was said to have been created in 6185.

"A side view of a person's eye. Found in Guertena's home after death. Charcoal was applied directly to the canvas. Unfortunately, it's ??? (suffered) some damage."

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