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There are seven endings in the game Ib. There are also 2 fan endings in the game Ib: Hardcore and Ib: Green Edition. Various choices and actions will affect which ending the player will receive. It is recommended that the player saves often in different slots so that the player can can return to previous parts of the story in order to make different choices if other endings are desired.  In all the endings, all characters will forget the time spent in the cursed gallery; however, the only ending in which Ib and Garry will remember their experiences is Promise of Reunion.

The only endings with images (instead of just fading to black with the title of the ending) are Promise of Reunion and Together, Forever.

Promise of Reunion

In order to get this ending, Ib must give Garry her handkerchief after he wounds his hand and choose to jump into the Fabricated World painting with him. If Ib does not have enough bond points, the player will not have the option to give the handkerchief to him; jumping through the painting with him without Ib handing him her handkerchief will instead lead to Memory's Crannies. Promise of Reunion is the best ending (and presumably the true ending) for Ib and Garry. As soon as Ib obtains the Pink Key, she should go down the bottom path of the white house until a pink house comes into view. Ib must use the key in order to open the door to this house, as it is a shortcut to the dark gallery. Garry will then tell Ib to watch her step as it's dark. Ib must navigate the gallery until she finds the Fabricated World painting. When Ib approaches the painting, dialogue boxes will appear, saying that there is no going back now and that the time spent here will be forgotten. Garry will look at the painting and tell Ib that if they jump through, they will return to the real world. He will then wonder how to do it, but the frame around the painting will soon disappear, giving Ib and Garry a chance to jump through. Garry will cross over first and tell Ib to follow his lead. Around this time Ib's mother will appear. She will say that she's been looking everywhere for Ib and that her father's waiting for her, too. Garry will tell Ib to jump through the painting, but Ib's mother will say that Ib shouldn't be following strangers and that Ib should come to her mother. The two of them will then shout at Ib to follow their respective selves, giving Ib a choice. Ib must take Garry's hand in order to obtain Promise of Reunion.

After jumping out, Ib will be in the real gallery, standing in front of the painting, but she can't remember what she was doing. She can move about the gallery, but she must go to Embodiment of Spirit in order to obtain "Promise of Reunion." She must talk to Garry, which initiates another decision: ask Garry what he's looking at or ask him about the statue. Regardless of Ib's choice, Garry will explain his thoughts about Embodiment of Spirit. Garry will then say looking at it makes him sorrowful, then apologizes for wasting Ib's time while inadvertently mentioning her name. He then asks who Ib is, and Ib tells him that that's her name. Garry then wonders if they actually met before waving goodbye and leaving. As Garry begins to leave, he feels something in his pocket and takes out Ib's bloodied handkerchief and wonders where he got it from. Ib tells him that is her handkerchief and they see her name embroidered on it. A flashback of lb wrapping her handkerchief around his hand shows up on the screen and he will slowly remember everything before realizing it was Ib who had been there with him. Garry then talks about their time in the fake gallery, excited that they escaped. Garry then asks Ib if he can hold onto her handkerchief a while longer so he can clean it before promising that they will meet again. The screen then fades to black, and Ib's name will show in the middle of the screen in white text before the credits roll. At the end, a picture of their departure is shown, displaying the name of the ending in the bottom right corner, before the screen returns to the credits.

Memory's Crannies

To get this ending, Ib does not give Garry her handkerchief when he accidentally cuts himself with glass (either Ib doesn't have the option to or she chooses not to). Ib will still choose to jump through the Fabricated World with Garry instead of going with Fake Mother). After jumping into the painting with Garry, Ib will return back to the normal world. She can find Garry looking at Embodiment of Spirit. Garry will say that looking at the statue makes him sad before telling Ib to disregard what he just said. Garry will then leave. Afterwards, Ib's Mother will come down and encounter Ib looking at Embodiment of Spirit. She will make a few statements and then take Ib to look at other exhibits in the museum. As they walk off the screen, the screen will fade to black, and the game will end.

Ib All Alone

Variation 1

Ib will have to follow Fake Mother through the cursed gallery instead of jumping into the Fabricated World with Garry. After Ib chooses her "mother," Fake Mother will disappear. Ib will appear to be in a trance and slowly walk off the screen. Garry will call her name a few times before the screen fades away, and the game ends.

Variation 2

After Garry dies, Ib will need to retrieve his lighter before continuing on. Ib must eat the candy Garry had given her in order to make room for the lighter. After burning Mary's painting, when Ib heads to the Fabricated World painting, Fake Garry will make an appearance. If Ib chooses to follow Fake Garry instead of jumping through the painting, she will receive the ending Ib All Alone. Ib will walk up to Fake Garry, take his hand, and walk off the screen together. The screen will fade to black, revealing the words "END: Ib All Alone."

Variation 3

After Garry dies, Ib must head to the Fabricated World painting, regardless of whether or not Ib has burned Mary's painting. Ib will have the option to jump into the painting or to step away from it. If she chooses to step away from it, she will receive the ending Ib All Alone.

Variation 4

In the Dungeon, if Ib chooses to sleep on Final Stage, she will have a dream of her last birthday before she went to the art exhibit. If Ib continues to sleep until the end of her dream, she will never be able to wake up again, thus resulting in the ending Ib All Alone.

Forgotten Portrait

Ib can go to where The Hanged Man is located. A new painting, Forgotten Portrait will have replaced it and depicts Garry sleeping. While examining it, Ib's mother will say that they should go look at paintings together. Ib will look at the painting one last time before leaving the room. The screen will scroll up to the portrait before ending.

Together, Forever

After arriving in the area with the Pink House, Ib should take the northern path to reach a white house in the next area. When Ib and Garry are inside, Ib should walk towards the Toy Box. Garry will then question about how it is rather big for it to be named a toy box but heard that there could be a key inside. However, he notes that he cannot see the bottom and wonders if a key is actually there. Mary will then appear behind the pair and push them into the box. When Ib gets up and assesses the situation, she will notice that her rose is gone and Garry is missing. Ib should walk around the room to find Garry. Once Ib finds Garry, he will state that he hit his head and get up. He will then ask Ib if she is OK. Ib must answer, "I'm fine..." Garry notes that Mary pushed them in but dismisses it, as looking for the key is more important. However, he notices that Ib looks pale and asks if she really is OK. Garry will then discover that Ib's rose is missing and will insist that they look for it. A Pink Key is in the room, south of where Garry was previously lying. Ib should pick up the Pink Key first. The screen will then scroll to show Mary, holding Ib's rose, talking to a Blue Doll. Mary will ask the doll if she could keep the rose before thanking it for its kindness. Garry will notice the situation and run towards Mary. She will react by asking them if they have found what they were looking for and also mention her new "present." Garry will tell Mary that the red rose belongs to Ib and will ask her to return it. Ib must agree with Garry by saying "Yes."

Mary will retaliate by asking for a trade, offering Ib's rose for Garry's rose under the claim that she loves red; but she loves blue even more. Ib must respond with "Garry....." Garry decides that he can't refuse and exchanges his rose for Ib's. When the blue rose is in Mary's hands, Mary will run away, laughing. Garry ignores this and walks towards Ib to give her rose back. Ib will then have the option to ask Garry if he is mad, to apologize, or to thank him. Garry will assure Ib that she did not do anything wrong and state that they will have to catch Mary to take his rose back. The room will then shake, and animated dolls will start to chase Ib in an attempt to kill her. Ib should make her way to the stairs and escape. After Ib climbs up the stairs, she can hear Mary saying something about blue petals. Garry will then encourage Ib to go on without him, apologizing and assuring her that he will come to her aid when she needs him. When Ib reaches the next room, Mary can be seen plucking petals off of Garry's rose. Once Mary is finished, she will run away. When Ib returns to Garry, he can be found lying against the wall. Upon inspecting him, Ib will describe Garry as "sleeping" and have the option to retrieve his lighter. However, she should not take it. Ib should return to the pink house and unlock the door with the Pink Key. The pink house will bring her back to the cursed art gallery. Ib should then head to the Fabricated World painting and jump into it. Ib will arrive at the Guertena Art Gallery and should make her way to the reception desk. There, she will encounter her parents, along with Mary. Mary has become Ib's sister after taking the place of Garry's existence. She will claim that she is hungry. Ib will rummage through her pocket and discover the candy that Garry had given her. Mary will quickly snatch the candy and eat it, promptly disposing the wrapper to prevent Ib from remembering Garry. The screen will then turn black as Mary asks Ib if they can play and be together forever.

The screen then displays the name of the ending that has been obtained.

Welcome to the World of Guertena

This bad ending is one of the three endings introduced in v1.04 of Ib. When Garry fails the Doll Room, Mary will hear him talking to himself behind the blue door that leads to the Doll Room. Once Ib approaches the door, she can choose whether or not to go in. If she decides not to, she will receive a bad ending. If Ib chooses to enter, she will encounter Garry hallucinating. He will be talking to a "bunny" as if it was a person. He will make a few statements, describing how he feels and mentioning about a secret he apparently knows. Ib will run towards him and stand in front of him. After Garry says a few things, Mary will claim that something is wrong with Garry, suggesting the possibility of him being a fake. Ib will then have two options: to call his name or to stare back.

Regardless of Ib's choice, Garry will continue to hallucinate. Mary will then point out that Garry is not listening to Ib and suggest looking for the exit, as Garry is an adult and could find his way out. Ib will respond by walking a few steps away from Mary and sit down in front of Garry. Mary will then walk over to Ib and ask her if something is wrong, urging Ib to stop sitting there so that they can get out together. Ib will not respond, and Mary will attempt to coerce her to get up; however, Ib will tell Mary to go ahead without her. Mary will then leave the room and the perspective changes to Ib. In Ib's perspective, Ib and Garry sitting together in the Doll Room. If you have enough bond points with Mary, Mary decides to come back inside. She will then say that she always dreamt of going outside but can't leave Ib behind to do it as she's her first friend and states that she read a book saying that you have to treat your friends right. Mary will say that she would always be with her and wonders if Garry will stay with them too. Garry will then ask Mary about what can they do here. Mary would respond by saying they could play hide and seek and draw so they'll have fun together. Mary would feel happy as she made two new friends and then says she'll throw them all a welcoming party as the screen fades to black.

When the screen comes back, Mary will state that everyone's here for the party. The screen then scrolls up and we see that Ib and Garry are lying on the ground, not moving. The Doll Room no longer has bunnies but everything that the trio have encountered throughout their journey in the gallery is there as Mary welcomes Ib to Garry and Garry to Ib before to them and asks to get along. Mary then will remember something and walk over to Garry's limp body. She will remove the lighter from his possession, stating that it is dangerous and scolding him for it. She will then say that this belongs in the trash and walks over to the big painting in the top of the room where Red Eyes comes out and takes it. Mary will then say "There, that's that..." and sits down in the middle of the room. Beside her, you can see the Lady in Blue eating Garry's rose. Mary will then say that all three of them can play lots and lots but she stops as the screen fades to black. She then finishes her sentence by saying "Foreveeer!" then the screen fades to black once more.

The screen will then display the name of the ending you have just received.

A Painting's Demise

This ending is one of the three endings in the newest update and the absolute worst ending for Ib, Garry and Mary. After Garry fails the Doll Room, Ib will need to go inside the aforementioned room. Ib will view the room as filled with bunnies, presumably due to her youthful innocence. Garry will then say a few statements about how he feels and about the secret and says that he sometimes feels hopeless. You will then has two options: to call his name or to stare back.

To obtain this ending, Ib's bond with Mary must be less than four points. After the player makes a choice, Garry will continue to hallucinate. Ib, depressed, will sit down next to Garry. Mary tells her to get up, but Ib tells her to go ahead. Mary will then leave the room and decide not come back for Ib.

From this point on, you will now control Mary, and this is the only ending where you can do so. Travel back to where you came from, the unlocked door in which you came from if Garry lost in the Doll Room. After that, you must go back to the place with the headless statue. Mary then asks the statue to move. The statue will obey her and move. Mary will then travel down the stairs back to the reception. Messages will appear around the gallery, telling Mary to go back and stay with them. She will ignore the messages and will continue her path.

Mary then finds the painting Fabricated World and thinks she would get out that way. However, it's said that she needed to take the place of someone else but she did not do so. When Mary jumps into the painting, she'll see that no-one is in the gallery. When she finds the entrance to the art gallery, she would find that it's locked. Mary now finds herself trapped inside the real art gallery. Messages would appear on the walls saying that Mary needs to go back and stay inside. 

After a while, the screen will get darker, the windows will start to have leaking red paint and messages appear in red blood paint saying there is no going back now and that she doesn't belong here because her heart is fabricated. Mary asks out loud if someone is there who is writing them and takes out her palette knife for protection as the screen gets darker and darker. When you wander around the gallery, Mary will say that she's scared and asks for help. When you reach the reception desk again, a picture of Mary, dead, will appear where the sign is, above the reception desk. Mary will wonder if that is her but she leaves it as she needs to get out of the art gallery.

As the screen stops fading, it will be pitch black and will stay that way as you reach the end. Mary cannot see anything and starts to ask why is she the only person there. Mary will then start to cry and ask for Ib to help her since she's lonely. When that fails, she'll shout for Garry's help instead, even when it was thought that she didn't trust him. Mary will soon hear footsteps and say nothing for a while. After that, we see Mary saying ".....father.....!" 

The screen will then display the name of the ending you have just received.

Endings Guide

Garry's Doom Counter

In order to achieve the endings in which Garry lives, the player must pay attention to the counter that represents Mary's resentment of Garry. If it is three or higher, Garry will not make it out of the toy box alive.

Increasing the Chance of Garry Dying in the Toy Box

Gray Area

  • Allowing Garry to kick the mannequin head in the mirror room.

Violet Area

  • Pulling the rightmost cord in the cord room, which drops and destroys either a mannequin head or a doll.
  • Kicking the persistent doll (instead of moving it aside).
  • Failing the doll room (adds two points).

Brown Area

  • Telling Mary that Ib would leave with Garry.
  • Breaking all three mannequin heads (when only one is necessary).

If the player fulfills these three things, Ib will get the "worst" endings.

Increasing the Chance of Garry Dying in the Doll Room

  • See the "sinister painting" during hide-and-seek.
  • See the Hanged Garry message after kicking the mannequin head.
  • Have Garry's doom counter at five or more (after the doll room). Garry must fail the doll room to do this.

Garry's Bond Counter

There is also a "bond" variable that represents Garry's attachment to Ib. If Ib is on the "good" path and her bond counter is eight or higher, Ib will be able to obtain the Promise of Reunion ending.

Raising Ib's Bond with Garry

Gray Area

  • Reading the poster about the right-hand trick in the maze room.
  • Stopping Garry from kicking the mannequin head in the mirror room.
  • Picking up Garry's Coat in the safe room.
  • Talking to Garry seven or more times in the safe room (after giving him his coat back).

Violet Area

  • Reading the diary in the optional rope maze (in the bookshelf near the end of the maze).
  • Looking at the milk puzzle (regardless of Ib's answer).
  • Responding to Garry about Ib's presence (not "..........") after the lights go out.


  • Talking to Garry six or more times in the fake sunlight.
  • Telling Garry about Ib's condition (not "..........") after falling into the Toy Box.

Mary's Bond Counter

There's also a bond variable with Mary. It will only be useful if the doom count is fulfilled. If it is less than four, Mary will get A Painting's Demise. Otherwise, she will get Welcome to the World of Guertena.

Raising Ib's Bond with Mary

Violet Area

  • See the "sinister painting" during hide-and-seek, as well as the Hanged Garry message; then, when Ib meets Mary, ask her if she is OK before Garry does.
  • Agree with Mary that Red Eyes is cute or pettable.
  • Agree with Mary that the duo will be fine on their own.

Brown Area

  • Say that Ib would leave with Mary [Note: not useful, given the doom requirement].
  • Talk to Mary seven or more times in the brown area (when Mary follows Ib around after stabbing the mannequin head).

Possibilities if Garry Dies

  • Go straight to the gallery to get Together, Forever.
  • After Mary is done with Garry's rose, go back and get Garry's lighter to burn Mary's painting. If Ib jumps into the Fabricated World painting, Ib will receive the Forgotten Portrait ending. If Ib does not jump but chooses to leave with Fake Garry, Ib will receive the "Ib All Alone" ending.
  • Ib can also receive the "Ib All Alone ending" in the Dungeon by sleeping on Final Stage.

Possibilities if Garry Lives

  • If Ib's bond with Garry is too low, Ib will not have the option to give Garry her handkerchief. Therefore, Garry will not remember Ib after escaping the cursed gallery, and Ib will receive the ending Memory's Crannies. Similarly, if Ib's bond with Garry is high enough, but she chooses not to give Garry her handkerchief; Ib will still receive this ending.
  • If Ib's bond with Garry is high enough, and Ib gives Garry her handkerchief, Garry will remember Ib after escaping the cursed gallery; and Ib will received the ending Promise of Reunion.
  • Regardless of her bond level with Garry, if Ib chooses to go with Fake Mother instead of jumping through the Fabricated World, Ib will receive the ending Ib All Alone.


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