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Embodiment of Spirit
Embodiment of Spirit
Type of Artwork Sculpture
Location The Guertena Art Gallery
True Guertena Exhibit
Beautiful at a glance, but if you get too close, it will induce pain. It can only bloom in wholesome bodies.

— Game Description

Embodiment of Spirit is one of Guertena's sculptures located in the Guertena Art Gallery in the game Ib. The sculpture consists of a large red rose with a spiraling stem. In the Guertena Art Gallery, it can be seen with a few fallen petals on the ground. In the True Guertena Exhibit, the fallen petals are absent.

In the routes for Promise of Reunion and Memory's Crannies, Garry can be seen observing the sculpture after he and Ib escape from the cursed gallery.

Yellow Embodiment Spirit

The sculpture is yellow when Mary's in the gallery.

In the route for A Painting's Demise, the sculpture can be seen after Mary jumps through the Fabricated World painting; the sculpture's appearance will have changed into that of a yellow rose with fallen petals. When the gallery begins to darken, the rose will be wilting, representing Mary's imminent demise.
Rotting Rose

The rose rots as the gallery gets darker.


In the Guertena Art Gallery, the sculpture is located in the lower-left room on the first floor. A man is observing it from the front, while a child observes it from a corner. Ib cannot read the word "Embodiment," so she must return with Garry in order for it to be added to the True Guertena Exhibit.

Visitor QuotesEdit

  • "Boy, it looks like the slightest jolt could make that stalk part snap into a million pieces... If that happened, I wonder how much I'd have to pay... Oh geez, that's scary..." - Man in gray coat
  • "I wanna pick up those petals!" - Blue-haired boy to Ib
    • "Whaaa, why's that? Would you just leave them there? Peh!" - Response to Ib's "I don't think so..."
    • "You're boooring!" - Response to Ib's "They'll get mad."


Guertena lollipop chocolate based off of motifs of characters and Guertena's artworks.