Drinking in the Night
Drinking in the Night
Type of Artwork Sculpture
Location Dungeon / Cyan Area
True Guertena Exhibit
I have to wonder what the night tastes like...

— Garry

Drinking in the Night is one of Guertena's sculptures located in the Cyan Area of the Dungeon in the game Ib. The sculpture consists of a tipped-over wine glass, with the night sky being poured into the glass and some of it spilling onto the ground. Although the room progressively becomes stained with more of this "night wine" as Ib collects more pieces of the Guertena painting, the amount of "wine" in the glass itself doesn't change.


In the Cyan Area, the sculpture is located in the same room as Tryst After Death, The Beauty of Blanc and Flexible Stone.

In the True Guertena Exhibit, the sculpture is located to the right of Tryst After Death in the room past the cyan door.


Garry holding the Drinking in the Night glass.
Ib lottery promotional picture.