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Is that really all it says...? You could have said something about the exit!

— Garry

Diary is a book located in the Violet Area in the game Ib. It is located within the maze of headless statues at the start of the area.


"It's said that spirits dwell in objects into which people put their feelings."

"I've always thought that, if that's true, then the same must be true of artwork."

"So today, I shall immerse myself in work, so as to impart my own spirit into my creations."


This diary was most likely written by Guertena Weiss. The philosophy that spirits dwell in objects where people put their feelings became the foundation of his artwork, which is why almost everything in his gallery is alive. Guertena had achieved his belief and imparted his spirit into his creations.


  • If Ib and Garry read this diary, it will add to their Bond Points.