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The Cyan Area is one of the areas of the cursed gallery in the game Ib. As the name implies, the entire flooring of each room in the area is cyan. Ib and Garry come here from the Orange Area, and it continues to the Black Area; however, this is the final area of the game with puzzles.

The main objective of this area is to find the twelve pieces to Guertena's painting.

Piece LocationsEdit

Guertena Completed

A completed Guertena painting with visible tiles before they fuse into one image.

  1. Near Tryst After Death in the main room of the Cyan Area.
  2. In the bottom-left corner of Cycloptic Smile's room (west of main room).
  3. Cycloptic Smile, after pointing to the one that lives (random).
  4. Stick Man Room - On left side of room (disguised as part of a square pillar).
  5. Stick Man Room - After finding all the Stick Men and returning them to their book, Insomnia Coffin will drop the piece on the north side.
  6. Endless Corridor - save the bird from the Stick Man Room, so it may show the correct path to Ib.
  7. Cactus Terrace, partway through the cactus maze.
  8. Cactus Terrace, at the end of the cactus maze (next to Black Rose).
  9. Above Birth of the Copernicus Revolution, after going up the stairs in the upper-right of the main room.
  10. Inside Jewel Box of Temptation, after solving the riddle. (The orange and green celestial bodies are the answer.)
  11. Library - Inside the Cubism book.
  12. Secret Room - Center, after solving the Three Crows and Five Fish puzzle.




  • This is the only area in the game that doesn't have any keys.
  • In the starting room, if Ib comes here without Garry, there will be two vases instead of one. This is likely due to the fact that, since the player cannot switch to Garry, Ib is likely to take more damage.