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Ib Game Carrie Careless and the Galette des Rois


Carrie Careless and the Galette des Rois, more commonly known as just Carrie Careless, is the name of the moving storybook that Ib can read in the Red Area.

The book is shown as a stage play, and it is crudely drawn (much like the sketchbook area).

It is Carrie Careless's birthday, and to celebrate, her friends made her a Galette des Rois, a cake that has a small coin or trinket inside. If you eat the slice with the coin, it is said that you'll be a happy person. While eating her slice, Carrie swallows something hard, which her friends brush off as the coin, telling her she'll be a happy person. Later, Carrie Careless's friend's mom is looking for the key to her study. Her mother says that it is always on the side table. Carrie's friend sees the coin and realizes that she has put the key in the cake, and not the coin. While wondering what to do, the knife that was used to cut the cake slides off of the platter. The next scene shows her walking with the knife, saying "Look's like I was just as careless as Carrie." A sound can be heard soon after, and Carrie's friend peeks out of the curtain, covered in blood, exclaiming, "I found the keeey, I'll open the door now!" The movie promptly ends afterwards, and the door to the next room unlocks.


  • It is speculated that Mary drew the Carrie Careless storybook, as the village, the final part where the game takes place, is drawn by Mary and uses the same art style.
  • The palette knife in one room was probably the same palette knife in Carrie Careless and the Gallete des Rois book.


The English translation of the game goes into full-screen mode upon running the program. This causes a glitch, in which upon attempting to read Carrie Careless, the game crashes, and an error saying "Interface not supported" appears. However, the error can be fixed by pressing Alt+Enter or Shift+Enter, which will force the game into windowed mode.

If this fix is an undesirable method, then it is possible to skip reading the book by choosing "Never mind" and then whether to push a different book in or to pull it out. The door will then unlock, and Ib will be able to proceed.

The movie can also be watched by accessing the "Movie" folder in the folder for the game files.


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